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Best Places for Waterproof Flooring

There really aren’t any bad places for waterproof flooring – that’s the beauty of waterproof plank. No matter where you put it in your home, it will make your life easier, make your space more attractive, and add to the value of your house. If you’re still not sure whether the room you want to refloor is right for waterproof plank flooring, consider the following best places for this floor covering.


Think about it –  how often is there water on your kitchen floor? Drips and drops from the sink, pieces of ice from the ice machine slowly melting in corners and under cabinets, spills from drained pasta or dinner dishes. There are so many things that dampen a kitchen floor and it’s an incredible relief to have the kind of waterproof flooring that protects itself from damage.


If there is water anywhere in your house, it’s in the bathroom. Whether you have little children who create bathtub tsunamis or adults who aren’t good about cleaning up after themselves, this room is busy and damp. You need to trust that the flooring can withstand whatever is dished out and waterproof flooring makes this possible.

Laundry Room

Another room in the house that often sees water on the floor is the laundry room. Large loads drip as they’re moved from washer to dryer. Utility sinks overflow or pets jump out and cause their own wet chaos. This is a space where spills and moisture are the norm. Knowing that the floor can take the water without damage makes homeowners feel better about what goes on in this small room.


Kids play and they play hard. Even if you try to keep drinks, foods, and toys that require water out of the playroom, you can anticipate that there is always a way for the unwanted to find its way in. Waterproof plank flooring is easy to maintain, no matter what kind of mess occurs. Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping are easy to do and get the job done without damaging the floor.


Whether your basement is a space for playing, movie watching, working out, or otherwise, waterproof flooring is quiet, comfortable, and designed to reduce noise level thanks to an underlayment that suppresses in-room and between-level step sound. The sound-absorbing planks work well in cavernous basements and give the space a cozier feel.

Art and Crafting Area

Whether you’re looking to add new flooring to any of these rooms or other areas like the dining room, art and craft area, or family room, waterproof plank flooring can work. Schedule a free in-home estimate with World of Floors, Michigan’s leading floor specialist, to talk about waterproof flooring.