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      Carpet provides warmth and comfort to any room in your home, especially bedrooms and living room.
      We make sure that all of our carpet is installed over the best quality padding, which will significantly reduce noise and keep your feel warm, especially during the winter months.

      Installing carpet

      About World of Floors Carpet

      stylish and affordable

      • Improved Air Quality: Carpets trap allergens and bacteria.
      • Absorbs Sound: Carpet is effective in reducing noise in your home or business.
      • Long Lasting: Carpet can last for years or decades without needing to be replaced. 
      • Easy Maintenance: Carpet can hide dirt & keep your home looking clean with easy vacuuming & spot clean.
      • Lovely Appearance: Carpet is plush and comes in many styles & designs which will add personality to your home.

      Choosing the right carpet for your home is a big decision, especially when you’re choosing between carpet or a floor covering like waterproof plank flooring. If you want something stylish and affordable underfoot that will warm up a room, carpeting is the right choice. Carpet from World of Floors, Detroit’s leading floor specialist, is available in a variety of colors and textures so every floor of your home has the material to look and feel comfortable.

      Child and dog on carpet
      Carpet in living room

      Best Rooms for Carpeting

      There are some rooms that don’t lend themselves to carpeting, like kitchens and bathrooms especially. But there are other rooms that are just perfect for carpeting in all ways:

      • Family room: This is where family gathers to talk, watch television, and just be together. It’s nice to have softness underfoot and carpet that welcomes people to sit on the floor.
      • Basement: This lowest level of the house warms up when you install wall-to-wall carpeting. Select the style of carpeting that suits the activity common in your basement, whether that’s hanging out, working out, watching movies, or playing.
      • Bedrooms: Bedrooms are the most common and sensible spaces to have carpet. This floor covering makes the room cozy and intimate for such personal square footage.

      Benefits of Carpeting in Your Home

      Some people think carpeting in a modern home is an old trend and that it has drawbacks. World of Floors is prepared to argue with those beliefs. There are so many benefits to having carpet in your home, including:

      • Improved air quality: Carpets trap allergens and bacteria. The fibers are designed to latch onto unpleasant elements and odors to improve air quality and cleanliness. 
      • Long lasting: Carpeting is an investment but with regular care it can last for years or decades without needing to be replaced. 
      • Easy maintenance: Modern carpets are not difficult to clean after spills, pet accidents, or tracked in dirt. Spot removal is simple when you install the right type of carpeting for the lifestyle you live and address accidents before they cause permanent damage.
      • Lovely appearance: Carpeting is rich, plush, and feels great underfoot. If you have carpeting over most of the square footage of your home, this element plays a major role in the aesthetics of your home.
      Vacuuming carpet

      Yes, You Can Enjoy Having Carpet in Your Home

      Many homeowners automatically disqualify themselves as people who can have carpet in their home, but let’s look at a complication that might seem like it can stop you from enjoying carpeting when it really doesn’t have to:

      • You have children: Kids are messy, spills are common, and they may not always remember to remove their shoes after an especially enthusiastic adventure day outside. Modern rugs spot clean easily and have built-in stain resistance no matter what age your little ones are.
      • You have pets: Yes, pets shed, scratch, and have accidents – and sometimes these things happen on the carpet. Stain resistance built into the carpet can make all the difference in getting rid of unwanted deposits from your dogs, cats, or otherwise.
      • You have allergies: Believe it or not, carpeting is actually an excellent home feature for allergy sufferers. Carpets tap allergens, allowing for a carefully maintained living space with fresher air quality.

      Is Carpet Right for Your Home?

      The affordable options from World of Floors are customized in color, design, and fabric for every homeowner. Fabric technology matches colors from room to room and built-in fade resistance keeps color vibrant even in high-traffic areas or harsh sunlight. Our carpet has a special backing that reduces noise and keeps feet warm and come with lifetime warranties for general stains, pet stains, fade resistance, and texture retention.

      Contact World of Floors today to schedule a consultation and find out from Michigan‘s flooring specialist how carpet can benefit your home.

      Dog on carpet

      Stain Resistance

      Made with built-in stain resistance, delivering superior protection even after multiple cleanings. Lifetime stain resistance warranty.


      Built-in bleach resistance, spot cleaning with a bleach solution can take out virtually all stains with ease. Lifetime pet stain resistance warranty.

      Fade Resistance

      Built-in fade resistance, so the color stays vibrant even when exposed to harsh sunlight or high traffic areas. Lifetime fade resistance warranty.

      Color Consistency

      Fiber technology matches colors accurately and consistently from room to room, time and time again. 30-year texture retention warranty.



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