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      Waterproof tile flooring commonly known as luxury vinyl tile, is 100% waterproof and durable enough to last in even the busiest of households. Waterproof tile is a cost-effective way to add the realistic look and feel of tile to any room at a fraction of the price.

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      About Waterproof Tile Flooring

      Luxury Vinyl Tile

      • Mimics the look and feel of natural hardwood flooring
      • Waterproof: Can handle large spills, dampness, moisture, or flat out wetness
      • Install anywhere: Great for kitchens, bathrooms, including over concrete slabs, and in basements
      • Has a special backing that helps reduce noise and makes the floor feel warmer

      When a water-resistant floor covering is your priority, there is one material that can get the job done – waterproof tile flooring. Whether you want to manage moisture or spills or equip nearly every room of your house or business with reliable materials, this type of flooring has incredible durability. Find out whether your flooring goals gel with the perks delivered by waterproof tile from World of Floors, Detroit’s leading floor specialist.

      Why Install Waterproof Tile Flooring?

      There are many benefits to waterproof tile flooring. Some customers who are seeking a better underfoot option for their home or business aren’t aware just how beneficial this floor covering can be. Just some of the best characteristics of waterproof tile include the following:

      • 100% waterproof: Guaranteed.
      • Withstands heavy traffic: From children to pets to teen athletes.
      • Looks realistic: And that’s exactly what you want.
      • Fraction of the cost of conventional tile: Cheaper doesn’t always mean better but in this case, it’s the right kind of deal.
      • Easy to clean: Who doesn’t want to significantly cut cleaning time?
      • High quality: Made of the finest material that will last.
      • Durable: Tough and strong, it is durable no matter what.
      • Variety of textures: Match your aesthetic with the right style and feel of tile.
      • Works in nearly any room: Pick the space where you want waterproof tile and, chances are, you can get what you want.

      The Versatility of Waterproof Tile

      The biggest benefit of waterproof tile flooring, of course, is that it resists all moisture. Spills are easy to wipe up and the floor is not damaged if bathwater is sloshed all over it or an entire container of juice is dropped. Also a major perk is the versatility of this product – waterproof tile can work anywhere, from foyer to family room to all of the following locations:

      • Kitchen: No matter how many counters you have or how big your sink is, spills happen regularly in the kitchen. Beverages, meals, pet food, the things that hit the ground are many – and they’re easily sopped up off waterproof tile.
      • Bathroom: Whether powder room or master bedroom en suite, it’s a no-brainer to put waterproof tile flooring in the wettest rooms of your home. When floors are waterproof, mold, mildew, odors, and aging will be kept at bay.
      • Basement: You might use the lower part of your house for entertainment or storage, but either way, tile keeps it as an easy-to-clean section of the home. It’s also safer to have a lower level tiled in case of flooding from rainwater, melting snow, or burst pipes.
      • Business applications: Commercial environments benefit greatly from waterproof tile. With customers tracking in wet and muck on their shoes or spilling drinks and food, restaurants and stores have an easy clean-up after hours thanks to this tile. 

      Design Your Unique Waterproof Tile Flooring

      Just like any other aspect of your home, you have the power to select the color, shape, and size of waterproof tile flooring that works best with your preferences and the existing feel of your home.

      • Color: Beige, gray, brown, and black are the most common colors of waterproof tile, but your options are extensive. Each of these color schemes includes color variations within the category.
      • Texture: Subtlety is one of the many beauties of tile, and you don’t want anything too textured so that it collects dirt or is hard to clean. Clever design involves the illusion of texture to add depth to your chosen room.
      • Composition: Thickness, size, and shape of tile can vary depending on the type of waterproof tile you select. The result can be a look that is soft, crisp, dramatic, gentle, dark, or bright.

      Get Waterproof Tile Flooring from Detroit Flooring Experts

      Contact World of Floors for a free in-home estimate of tile flooring so you can make the best choice for your space and budget. Next-day installation is available.

      100% Waterproof

      This product is constructed top-to-bottom to be 100% waterproof. Ideal for all moisture prone areas in your home, including kitchens, bathrooms and basements. It’s the super floor covering material that handles whatever life dishes out.


      This product is built to last a lifetime. 8mm in thickness topped with a wear layer that’s extra-thick and developed for commercial applications. Whether your concerns are high traffic, pets, kids or all of the above, our scratch resistant wear layer will keep your floors looking great for years to come.

      Quick Next Day Installation

      It comes with an attached backing so no extra underlayment is needed. The most advanced drop-click system enables easy and quick install, eliminating any extra adhesive.

      Quiet and Comfortable

      The IXPE underlayment effectively suppresses in-room and between-level step sound. What’s more, it adds extra comfort and livability that many vinyl flooring solutions lack.



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