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      Hardwood flooring is a major investment for your home, whether you’re switching from carpet or upgrading the flooring you already have. Many modern options are user-friendly, durable, and waterproof. You can get all these features and more from the hardwood flooring from Detroit’s leading floor specialist, World of Floors.

      Hardwood Flooring - What Room Is Best for You

      Best Rooms for Hardwood Flooring

      There are very few rooms where hardwood flooring isn’t recommended. Nearly every space can benefit from this strong, beautiful material. While you would be wise to consider waterproof plank flooring for bathrooms, hardwood can enhance any of the following spaces:

      • Kitchen: Easy to clean, hygienic, and durable, hardwood flooring is a natural choice in a kitchen that sees plenty of foot traffic and activity.
      • Foyer: Whenever family or visitors come into your home, the foyer is the place their feet touch first. It’s easy to clean up hardwood no matter what people bring inside.
      • Family room: Add an area rug to your hardwood in the family room and create a rich, textured, warm environment for gathering.
      • Stairs: Improve the path upstairs or down with versatile, carefully placed hardwood flooring that can be stained and finished.
      • Bedrooms: Make any bedroom look luxurious yet cozy with hardwood, especially when matching décor with flooring color.
      • Basement: No one ever said basements can only be carpeted. Cover the cold floors and spacious areas with hardwood for a warmer space.
      • Dining room: An offshoot of your kitchen, this food-centric space is ideal for hardwood flooring, so any spills are easy to wipe up.

      The Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

      When it comes to a long-lasting home material, you can’t beat hardwood flooring. This type of flooring adds value and improves the look of any home, plus the following benefits:

      • Customized: Develop the unique look you want for your home – choose the species of wood, the structure of the material, the colors, and more. Once installed, hardwood serves as the foundation of your home, richly adorning every room it’s in.
      • Improved air quality: Hardwood floors are hygienic and do not harbor microorganism, allergens, or pesticides that can be tracked in from outdoors, thereby improving indoor air quality, a major benefit for allergy or asthma sufferers.
      • Easy to maintain: No matter what gets spilled, tracked, or dropped on your flooring, hardwood is easy to wipe up and clean thoroughly. No sign of accidents left behind.
      • Long-lasting: When you invest in a flooring material, you want it to last for a long time, and hardwood does. This material even improves with age and, with regular care, can last for decades without needing to be replaced.
      • Great for kids and pets: The littlest and furriest folks in your home are your most beloved members of the family – but they are often responsible for the biggest messes. Anything that happens on hardwood is easily cleaned up with no stains or residue left behind. Plus, some flooring is scratch resistant.
      Hardwood Flooring - Benefits for you and your family
      Hardwood Flooring - Is It Right for You

      Is Hardwood Right for Your Home?

      From cherry to hickory, mahogany to oak, hardwood floors come in engineered wood, solid wood, tongue and groove, or click structures. The options and colors are many, and it is easy to fall in love with a design that’s right for your aesthetic and home.

      At World of Floors, Michigan’s flooring specialist, we look forward to helping you identify the flooring needs for your home and select the best product for what’s underfoot. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how to upgrade your space.



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