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7 Benefits of Waterproof Plank Flooring

If you are ready to change your flooring for a durable, moisture-resistant option that will stay clean and beautiful, it’s time to consider waterproof plank flooring. This modern version and upgraded alternative to hardwood is versatile, attractive, and long-lasting.

1. Waterproof

Products with “waterproof” in the name can feel too good to be true, especially to beleaguered homeowners. Waterproof plank flooring, however, lives up to its name and can withstand moisture and spills. Think about the spaces in your home where floors often get wet and whether it’s easy to tidy these spills. Waterproof plank certainly makes cleanup easier without leaving any damage behind.

2. Versatile

Waterproof plank flooring isn’t made only for cozy living spaces. This type of floor covering is an ideal solution for a variety of rooms in your home, like kitchen, bath, basement, family room, and bedrooms.

3. Child- and Pet-Friendly

Households with animals and young children or busy teenagers can be a bit chaotic. Sports gear, school shoes, friends, games – the activity never stops and the floor never stops taking a beating. Durable waterproof plank flooring is easy to maintain no matter what lands on your flooring. With simple cleaning, the mess will disappear.

4. Realistic Appearance

Waterproof plank is a cost-effective method of adding the realistic look and feel of hardwood at only a fraction of the price of that material. The final product looks just like the real thing and is adept at warding off damage or destruction. Simple maintenance through regular sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming is the only care that’s needed.

5. Easy Installation

There is no extra underlayment needed for the installation of these planks, reducing overall cost. The advanced drop-click system also contributes to a speedy installation and eliminates the need for extra adhesive. The special backing used on the plank makes the floor feel warmer for a comfortable look and feel and the planks can be installed over concrete, hardwood, plywood, and a variety of surfaces.

6. Quiet

Anyone with hard flooring in their homes knows the differences between noisy planks and sound-absorbing planks. The waterproof plank flooring is quiet and comfortable, designed to reduce noise level thanks to an underlayment that suppresses in-room and between-level step sound. In other words, no excessively loud walking overhead or in the room down the hall. 

7. Design It Yourself

The many options available in board size, color, and other characteristics can make it difficult to settle on the planks you like the best, but with guidance from an expert you can end up with excellent flooring ideal for your home and aesthetic. Color families typically fall in the gray, beige, brown, and black areas with multiple colors within each family. Get the dramatic, soft, traditional, or eccentric look you crave.

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