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      When you want to upgrade, enhance, or completely alter the look of your home or business flooring right away, look no further than the next day installation service offered by World of Floors, Michigan’s leading floor specialist. Whether you have chosen waterproof plank flooring, carpet, hardwood, or waterproof tile to change up your floors, you can enjoy the new surface underfoot on the next business day after purchase.

      Next Day Installation - Reasons why customers want it

      Reasons Customers Want Next Day Installation of Flooring

      Instead of waiting days or weeks to have your new flooring installed, you can enjoy your new flooring almost immediately with next-day installation. This valuable service is ideal for customers who:

      • Want or need to upgrade quickly
      • Are working with a tight schedule or have time constraints
      • Would like to minimize disruption to the daily routine
      • Prefer to avoid a prolonged installation process
      • Have an urgent issue like water damage that needs to be addressed right away
      • Need to move on to other home improvement or renovation projects
      • Must sell their home right away

      Convenience and urgency often demand that a customer find a flooring expert who offers next-day installation. And, sometimes, the customer simply wants to enjoy the benefit of an efficient, dedicated flooring switch.

      Qualifying for One-Day Installation

      It is possible to have your new flooring installed in one day. There are several factors that impact this likelihood:

      • How much square footage is being covered
      • If major clean-up is necessary before flooring is installed
      • Type of flooring being installed

      Waterproof plank flooring, for example, comes with an attached backing so no extra underlayment is needed. This advanced drop-click system makes it possible to quickly install the flooring because extra adhesive is unnecessary.

      Your World of Floors expert will discuss next day installation and one-day installation with you and make it clear whether your project qualifies.

      Next Day Installation - Qualifying for flooring at World of Floors
      Next Day Installation - What you can expect during installation

      What to Expect During Next Day Installation

      Whether you are getting waterproof plank flooring, carpeting, hardwood, or tile, the process is similar. Here is what to expect during installation:

      • Preparation: Will move furniture and other items out of the way. Will remove old flooring or carpet and make sure the surface is clean, dry, and level. Subflooring or underlayment is installed. Some materials, like hardwood flooring, will need to be laid out to acclimate to the space for a few days before installation.
      • Installation: Flooring is laid out to confirm a good color and pattern match. Installation commences until the entire room is complete.Baseboards and trim are installed around the edges.
      • Clean-Up: The entire space is carefully cleaned and all furniture and belongings are moved back to their original positions, or as directed. All materials are disposed of properly and your home will look brand new and free of debris when the project is complete.

      Is Next Day Installation of New Flooring Right for Your Space?

      Next day installation of flooring is an option that World of Floors is proud to offer to all clients. Whether you want to take advantage of this perk is up to you, your schedule, and the material you’ve chosen for your space. The best way to know if next-day flooring installation is the right choice is by scheduling a consultation with a flooring expert at World of Floors.

      We do the heavy lifting for your project, right from the start, and we are proud to deliver a finished product that makes you proud to show off your home or business. Contact us to schedule your free estimate and find out what kind of flooring works for your needs, and whether next day installation is the best option.

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