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Antimicrobial Protection

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Antimicrobial Protection


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      Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring is water resistant and stain resistant, two factors that automatically provide antimicrobial protection. At World of Floors, we are eager to introduce homeowners and business owners to antimicrobial flooring that suits their lifestyle, foot traffic, and budget, so you get the most for your investment and love the look of your space too.

      How Antimicrobial Flooring Works - World of Floors

      How Antimicrobial Flooring Works

      When you invest in waterproof plank flooring for your space, you choose a flooring that is designed to allow liquids to pool on the surface and prevent absorption deep into the backing that lies beneath. Water or other liquids stay on top of the LVP and are easily wiped up rather than stretching in multiple directions and causing widespread or unseen problems.

      Antimicrobial coating is painted onto the selected flooring, or it can be a special additive to new flooring material in the manufacturing process. Either method helps lower contaminates thanks to the following characteristics:

      • Inhospitable to microorganisms: Can prevent or inhibit the growth of mold, bacteria, fungi, or other microbes.
      • Prevents unsightly problems: Because mildew, mold, and the like are combatted through LVP, the likelihood of stains and odors are minimized too.
      • Delivers germ prevention: Some might say that luxury vinyl plank flooring can nearly eliminate germs altogether, giving you a healthier home.
      • Offers protection: When done correctly, floors with antimicrobial protection ensures that nothing gets under the surface of your flooring.

      Benefits of LVP with Antimicrobial Protection

      Besides the obvious moisture-resistant benefits and antimicrobial properties of LVP, this flooring offers other perks including:

      • • Water resistant
      • • Great durability
      • • Easy to clean
      • • Long lasting
      • • Simple installation
      • • Non-allergenic
      • • Zero- to low-VOC emissions

      The antimicrobial protection in LVP flooring is safe for pets, children, and all inhabitants of your home. There is added protection that guards against pet accidents, including stains and scratches.

      Benefits of LVP with Antimicrobial Flooring - World of Floors
      Care of Antimicrobial Flooring - World of Floors

      Care of Antimicrobial Flooring

      LVP floors with antimicrobial treatment are water resistant and microbe resistant and the antimicrobial properties keep floors cleaner for longer, but they are not self-cleaning or free from cleaning.

      • You still must address what’s underfoot and clean regularly.
      • Use your floor installer’s recommended cleaning products or tools.
      • Take care of your flooring no matter what to extend its longevity.

      By having an antimicrobial flooring system in place, you automatically minimize the chance of the flooring becoming a breeding ground, especially if your family walks around with shoes on, brings in a wet-pawed pet, or tends to spill things on the floor. Once any moisture develops, mold and mildew can easily grow out of control. Antimicrobial flooring is a safeguard.

      Health Perks of LVP Antimicrobial Protection

      It’s easy to trick yourself into thinking your floors are clean inside and out simply because you’ve swept or mopped, but the absence of dust, food particles, or pet hair does not mean flooring is free of hazards. If you could make your home healthier for your family, wouldn’t you want to? When you’re considering new luxury vinyl plank for your kitchen, bath, hallway, or any living areas, there are practical benefits to selecting antimicrobial protection:

      • Combat the growth of bacteria, fungi, mildew, and mold.
      • Help the allergy-prone members of your household feel better.
      • Create better quality air in your home.
      • Deter stains from food, tracks, pets, and more.
      • Prevent flooring from absorbing odors.
      Health Perks of LVP Antimicrobial Protection - Keeping Germs at Bay
      Get Antimicrobial Protection for Your New Luxury Vinyl Plank - World of Floors

      Get Antimicrobial Protection for Your New Luxury Vinyl Plank

      Enjoy the many benefits of antimicrobial protection for your luxury vinyl plank flooring. World of Floors offers a free in-home estimate and next-day installation so you can get new flooring in your home or business quickly. This versatile, safe, durable flooring is available in a range of colors and styles to suit your aesthetic. Contact us to schedule a consultation.



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