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6 Reasons Waterproof Plank Flooring Is Right for Your Kitchen

There are multiple types of kitchen flooring that you can invest in for your home. From tile to hardwood, the options are there to suit your aesthetic and family needs. Many homeowners turn to the most versatile and long-lasting selection – waterproof plank flooring. Here are just some of the reasons it’s the best choice for the busiest room in a home.

1. Waterproof

Think about the many things that hit the floor in your kitchen – large spills, wet shoes, damp dog, drips and drops. Whatever the wetness that attacks your kitchen flooring, the 100% water resistant nature of waterproof plank flooring can handle the mess without damage or discoloration and allows the moisture to bead up without absorbing spills.

2. Cost-Effective

Waterproof plank flooring mimics the look and feel of natural hardwood flooring at a fraction of the price. When you invest in flooring that can withstand moisture and all manner of foot traffic, you ensure that you’ll have long-lasting flooring for years, and that, of course, saves you money too. The durability of the waterproof plank is clear in the 8mm thickness of the boards, topped with an extra-thick wear layer.

3. Aesthetically Pleasing

You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for durability with waterproof plank. This durable floor covering, designed for a busy home, has the realistic look and feel of natural hardwood. It comes in several colors so you can find a shade that matches the aesthetic of your kitchen and blends nicely with cabinetry and appliances. From brown to gray to black, there are multiple colors within each color family, as well as different thicknesses and lengths of board to deliver dramatic, subtle, dark, or bright looks.

4. Child Proof and Pet Proof

If there is anything that can challenge the solidity and longevity of the elements of your home, it’s children and pets. When you have a chaotic household, it’s worth investing in the most user-friendly materials, like waterproof plank flooring.

5. Comfortable

Some floors are more comfortable than others, and waterproof plank flooring offers incredible comfort and livability to any home thanks to a special backing that reduces noise and makes the floor feel warmer. The underlayment suppresses in-room and between-level step sound for quiet walking, even for some of the heaviest, noisiest steppers.

6. Easy Installation

Experienced flooring installers can install plank flooring just about anywhere over concrete, plywood, hardwood, and other surfaces. No extra underlayment is necessary for installation and the flooring has an advanced drop-click system that makes for easy, fast install and no extra adhesive. What’s most important is to work with an expert installer who understands the nature of this flooring, how it works, and how it blends with other materials for the most effective results.

Get Waterproof Plank Flooring in Michigan

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