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What to Expect During Hardwood Flooring Installation

Getting new floors in your home is an exciting upgrade. The space will look and feel refreshed and it will be fun to envision how the floors will factor into your daily life, from family time to time with pets to entertaining. First, though, the flooring needs to be installed, a process that must be done carefully and meticulously for the best results. Here is what to expect during hardwood flooring installation.

Acclimation Time for Hardwood Floors

Next-day installation is always available for new flooring, but when it comes to hardwood floors there is one important step that happens first: acclimation.

  • Ideally, wood floor products are acclimated to their new environment for up to three days before installation occurs.
  • The goal of acclimation is to find a balance between the moisture content of the hardwood and the air of your home. In other words, you want them to breathe the same air.
  • Length of time and the need for acclimation will depend on the species and product of wood that you select. The harder the wood, the longer acclimation takes.
  • Without acclimation, there is a chance the flooring could swell or shrink after installation and lead to gaps or cupping. Patience in the beginning can prevent problems in the future.

Surprises During Hardwood Flooring Installation

Once you’ve selected your new flooring, be it cherry, hickory, oak, acacia, or otherwise, all you need to do is wait for the renovation to happen. The steps will go something like this:

  • Hardwood arrival: The hardwood will arrive days before work is scheduled to commence so acclimation can take place. You may be eager to get started right away, but waiting for this important step is worth it.
  • Subfloor treatment: If your current floors are noisy underfoot, that could signal that the subfloor can’t support the weight of the current flooring and needs to be replaced. Subflooring will need to be addressed too if you choose a heavier wood flooring than what you already have.
  • Baseboard removal: Because hardwood flooring is so thick, it can add a significant height to your floors which means your existing baseboards may not accommodate the flooring. The baseboards will need to be removed during installation and may need to be replaced.
  • Door height: Similar to the baseboards, if your doors do not have much of a gap under them, they could scratch the higher height of your new floors. Your contractor will take note of whether our doors need to be resized or changed out to accommodate the hardwood.

Hardwood Flooring Installation in Michigan

It can take one to three days to install a hardwood floor, depending on the square footage being treated and the material being used. If you are interested in having this flooring installed in your home, contact the experts at World of Floors, Michigan’s leading floor specialist, to discuss product options, next-day installation, and why hardwood flooring is just right for your space.