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Flooring That Can Handle Toddlers

Toddlers might be small, but they are mighty. When they aren’t doing something silly or making you laugh, they could be melting down or making a mess. It’s all part of the package. The question is: What surfaces are underneath your little ones as they go about their days? Choosing the right kind of flooring can make all the difference in the comfort and sanity of everyone in your household.

Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Kids and carpeting may not seem like a smart pairing, especially in family rooms or playrooms. Spills and accidents, after all, are inevitable with the under-two crowd. Nevertheless, permanent carpet stains and discoloration do not have to be your destiny.

Think of the perks of carpeting:

  • It’s cozy and warm, stylish and affordable
  • A great place for kids to lie down on their bellies with a book
  • An ideal location for you to snuggle with each other and watch television together
  • Just the place to set up a pillow and blanket fort
  • Customized in color, design, and fabric
  • Satisfies texture-wise, blends into your aesthetic, and feels good underfoot
  • Modern fiber technology for built-in fade resistance even in high-traffic areas

Plus, and this is the best part for busy parents, grandparents, and caretakers, carpet has built-in stain resistance, easy spot clean, and lifetime warranties for stains. If that can’t do battle and win against toddlers, nothing can.

Waterproof Plank Flooring

Sippy cups were made for toddlers, and thank goodness. Having lids on drinks for this age group is an absolute must. After all, toddlers drop things because they’re a little clumsy, think it’s funny, want to see something hit the floor, or are looking for a reaction. No matter what you put in your kid’s sippy cup, and no matter how much of it comes out, you’ll be thankful for waterproof plank flooring in your house because it is truly 100% waterproof.

This type of floor covering is:

  • Durable: Flooring doesn’t get more durable than waterproof plank flooring, which absorbs anything the littlest members of your family dish out.
  • Great for kitchens, foyers, common areas: Toddlers are everywhere all at once and it’s great to know your floors are safe no matter your child’s location.
  • Scratch-resistant: Along with sippy cups, your kids will drop toys that can damage an unprepared floor. Plank flooring is scratch resistant and prepared for clomps and clunks.
  • Noise-reducing: The noise-reducing backing on waterproof plank flooring is a great way to absorb the pounding of tiny feet, noisy toys, and dropped dolls and trucks.
  • Easy to clean: If you have a toddler, easy-to-clean is a must for everything, and cost-effective, waterproof plank flooring fits the bill.

Find the Right Flooring for Your Home

Your toddler isn’t thinking about how your house looks or what it might look like in a few years when they know better about drawing in the wrong place or dropping something on the carpet. While waterproof plank flooring or customized carpeting won’t prevent toddler disaster, high-end products ensure that you have a long-lasting product in your home, no matter the obstacles.

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