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4 Reasons It’s Worth Investing in Scratch Resistant Vinyl Flooring

There are only good reasons to invest in scratch resistant vinyl flooring. This material is incredible tough and forgiving, no matter your living situation. It can withstand all sorts of high traffic and leaves your house still looking great even though there’s been a tornado of activity. Here are just some of the reasons it’s the right choice for your space.

1. You have kids.

It doesn’t matter if you have babies, toddlers, teens, or young adults roaming in your home, kids bring intense levels of life and activity with them (even if they’re glued to their devices). You’ll experience more toys dropping on your floor than you ever imagined. There will be remote control machines zoomed across the vinyl. Sports equipment will fall and scatter. Friends will come and go in packs.

A house with kids is a busy house, and everything you own will take a little bit of a beating because of normal activity. Outdoor items will end up indoors, from skateboards to bikes, boxes to balls, and arming your space with scratch resistant vinyl flooring prevents scrapes and scratches on your carefully maintained floors.

2. You have pets.

No pet is perfect. They might have puppy dog eyes and the cutest tail, soft fur and the sweetest purr, but they don’t always know where the bathroom is. The world, in fact, is their bathroom, and that is very likely to include the floors in your home. Sometimes their nails get a little too long and you can hear them clicking across your flooring. Their food bowl gets dragged, pushed, or rolled around. Just like children, if your house has pets it has activity too, and you want a floor that can stand up to the scratches those lovable pups, felines, rodents, and otherwise dish out.

3. You wear shoes in the house.

Some families have a no-shoes policy where anything that’s on their feet must be left in the garage, the mudroom, or at the front door. If you’re a more casual crew and wear shoes all through your house, you want a floor that can withstand their impact, whether someone is sporting heels, cleats, sneakers, boots, or scuffing around in slippers.

4. You truly live in your home.

Some houses are showplaces – carefully selected and positioned furniture, meticulously maintained rugs and curtains, just the right artwork and collectibles. Other houses are homes – they are lived in and loud. There is chaos and movement and activity all the time. Both homes look great with scratch resistant vinyl flooring, but the latter especially benefits since the floor sucks up all the stomping, running, spills, and more that move across it.

Is Vinyl Flooring Right for Your Home?

Scratch resistance is just one of the benefits of vinyl flooring available from World of Floors in Michigan. Waterproof, anti-microbial, quiet, and having low VOCs, luxury vinyl plank is a friendly, consistent, durable, long-lasting flooring option for all types of homeowners. Contact Michigan’s leading floor specialists to learn more about product options, next-day installation, and more.